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Plugging into Kinetics

Hooray! At this stage, you should have built and deployed a microfrontend application successfully. The last thing we need to do is to plug this app into Kinetics and expose it to its business context.

Use built-in integrations to pre-fill app details
✅ We have first class support for apps deployed on Netlify.

Adding a Custom External App

  1. Choose the "via an extenral URL" option Custom External App

  2. That's it! However, your users will have to navigate out of Kinetics to use the application. We recommend try building an app that leverages microfrontend.

Adding a Custom Micro-frontend App

  1. Choose the "directly within Kinetics (micro-frontend)" option Custom MFE App

  2. Specify the package name in the "identifier" field. You can read more about how to retrieve this in the single-spa docs.

  3. Be sure to append the js entry filename as a suffix to the "URL" field.

  4. That's it!